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'We have some thirty sites in our portfolio […] The proposal from Business Space was the first time in my career that my interests were fully defended and I can tell you that the results amazed me, clearly better than what I could have expected.'

Jean-Michel Daneau
Procurement & Facilities Director


Client Testimonial by Partena Professional about our Asset Management Service
'For three years and without results we had been looking for a tenant to take over our lease contract. Six months after we had entrusted Business Space with that property, the contract was signed and we had finished with the rent and costs of that building.'

Jean-Michel Daneau
Procurement & Facilities Director



'It was the Business Space expertise that took the negotiations to a very succesfull conclusion with a very substantial rent reduction, certainly more than I could have achieved on my own.From our perspective, that was an excellent outcome. To add to that, Business Space also reviewed the various service charges that we have here and the potential charges in the alternative properties.
We wanted the best value deal and Business Space basically helped to secure that for us.'

Christopher Kalla-Bischop
Director, Finance & HR




Business Space has been executing a “Move or Stay at Lowest Cost” mission on behalf of the international Law firm Ashurst LLP. 

David Du Pont
Head of Real Estate




Business Space has been executing a “Move or Stay at Lowest Cost” mission on behalf of Biomedical Systems.

Anne-Marie Depypere
CFO BMS Europe

  International Post Corporation


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'We have been working with Business Space for several years. Thanks to the way they handled the negotiations, we were able to sign for a space which is much bigger than before and situated in a premium location.'

Béatrice Morane
Managing Director




Business Space has been executing a “Move or Stay at Lowest Cost” mission on behalf of Umedia.

Jeremy Burdek



cbre global investors

A testimonial of CBRE Global Investors, one of the important landlords within the Brussels office market.

Nicolas Lutgé
Senior Director


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'We wanted to relocate to a new building, in the interests of our staff and our customers and to enhance efficiency.
Having started by working with normal estate agents our search for new premises had met difficulties when the proposed budgets were unacceptable. As a result, we called on Business Space's know-how. They were able to provide us with support and advice that was totally independent in comparison with what property owners and real estate agents had provided.

After new research and considerable renegotiation with the owners, Business Space provided us with remarkable financial benefits which allowed us to sign a new leasehold for 2,000 sqm in a completely new office building which fully complied with our needs.

I strongly recommend their team to all office space tenants!'

Ward Van Duffel & Maurice van der Kuip
Country Managers


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'From our offices in the United States our company mandated Business Space to source and negotiate new premises for us in Brussels. Business Space did an extraordinary job of this and supported us throughout the process. I strongly recommend Business Space to companies who require a high level of knowledge, expertise,integrity and know-how when taking on such a project.'

Peter Smichenko
Director Real Estate




'Going well beyond our expectations, Business Space were able to significantly reduce rental and property costs for more than 2,000 sqm of offices, far more than other real estate experts had estimated.

They produce excellent results thanks to their combination of extensive market knowledge and significant experience in negotiation with property owners whilst avoiding the pitfalls associated with conflicts of interest.

What's more, during the whole of the sourcing and renegotiation mission we were safe in the certain knowledge that Business Space's main objective is to exclusively defend the interests of the tenants.'

Claude Rapoport
Chief Executive


newell rubbermaid

'As we approached the end of our leasehold at Waterloo Office Park, we decided to seek out smaller offices since we only required 1,000 sqm rather than 1,700 sqm.

Business Space's professionalism allowed us to stay in the same offices but with better conditions. Not only did Business Space ensure that the office space perfectly suited our new requirements, they also managed to reduce the costs by half.'

Philippe Delsaut 
Vice-President Legal EMEA



'We needed to relocate to a new office space in the same area and, if possible, under the same financial conditions.

We called on Business Space whose service proposal corresponded perfectly with our needs. Business Space position themselves as an essential intermediary between tenants and property owners or their agents, whilst exclusively defending the interests of the tenant. What's more the Business Space team possesses an excellent knowledge of the Brussels office space leasing market.

Once they had clearly defined our needs, carried out detailed research and well-prepared negotiations, we were able to lease a large surface area in a new building at a very reasonable price.'

Mireille Kratzborn
Office Manager




'When our leasehold was approaching its end we opened negotiations with the property owner ourselves. After arriving at an initial reduction of our rental costs, we contacted Business Space.

Not only did Business Space provide us with viable alternative proposals, they also succeeded in obtaining further significant cost reductions from our current property owner, which led us to decide against relocation.'

Caroline Hoogsteyns
Managing Director



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'Thanks to their extensive knowledge of the Brussels corporate real estate market and their professional negotiation attitude, Business Space obtained a significant reduction to our rental costs.

This exceptional financial advantage convinced our International Executive Committee to relocate to a larger and more modern space. Thanks to the savings to the rental costs we were able to finance the costs of the whole of the relocation process.

We had total confidence in Business Space from the start since they are committed to representing only the interests of their clients, with total independence from property owners and estate agents.'

Luc Hendrickx