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The ''New Ways of Working'' or how to adapt your organization to changes in the working world to remain efficient

How to improve the performances of your company? Is your way of working always in line with current reality? It's time to ask yourself some questions... here are some thoughts!

The New Ways of Working (NWoW) are only the result of changes in our society but they have an impact on the company’s organization.
The conception of work has changed. The approach must be more global to be more effective. The work tools have changed, the well-being in the company takes up more space... Be well supported to optimize your spaces! Real estate is indeed a major element to be able to carry out this profound transformation... how to meet this challenge?

Many essential questions arise for managers concerned about the success and performance of their organizations; which managerial approach? Which tools? Which spaces? Which optimal location? Everything needs to be rethought with the well-being of employees in mind!

Society is changing and ways of working are no exception. Evolutions are being made to adapt to different generations of workers! Companies must think in an innovative way to face this new challenge.

What are the main areas of development?

-   A more collective way of working.
-   A consideration of employee flexibility.
-   A more flexible organization for more agility.
-   Promote communication and well-being.
-   Move from "management by control" to "management by objective".
-   Accelerate creativity and decision-making.

A suitable workspace will help you to implement these objectives, which will have an impact on the company's future.

Discover other ways of working! The Activity Based Working

An adapted and stimulating layout of the space improves the well-being and therefore the success of your organization.
What applies to everyday life applies to the world of work.

The needs of each activity require differentiated workspaces.

Activity Based Working marks the end of the classic office concept in favor of a more dynamic space. An employee no longer occupies only a traditional workplace but has at his disposal, depending on the different activities of his function, a set of "alternative" premises.
Each room is adapted (technical, equipment, ergonomics, colors, materials) to the activity to which it is dedicated. Different spaces are provided for concentration, exchange, training, collaboration...
Mobility within the company is encouraged.

By multiplying collective spaces and giving more autonomy to employees, a new dynamic is created.

Cross-communication stimulates interdepartmental relationships, reshapes the way we work and improves performance.

Companies like Business Space and their partners help organizations to better understand their needs and to project themselves into a "future proof" space (click here to read the article by Christine Rillaerts from Buroconcept). The focus is on transition, with an environment in place that can evolve later.

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Adapt your external AND internal work visions

Internal changes will transform the way you work. A management that invests in the well-being of the company obtains the collaboration of its employees. If the company emphasizes hierarchy and lack of flexibility... success may not be achieved.

The mentality of companies must evolve in order to stay on top. Employees must be cared for and offices used to achieve these goals. A manager’s viewpoint must then be at 360°. For a global and enhanced vision that takes into account all aspects of the working world.

The independent tenant rep is only at your side

A tenant rep like Business Space is in the best position to listen to your needs in terms of office space, rent, and ergonomics thanks to its 360° global vision.

Are you looking for an open space that encourages dialogue? Soundproof cabins, cocoons for more concentration? This place is to be created, but then you have to negotiate a good price...

It is up to companies to understand the needs of employees.
Remember that the total payroll is not everything in a company, real estate is also a major expense! These costs can be reduced by saving space and energy.

As you can see, finding the right office space for your needs can be very complicated.

Don't worry: an independent real estate expert who only represents office tenants and has expertise in this area helps you to meet this challenge.