Searching, Analysing and Negotiating of Office Space

We advise and assist office space tenants in their search for alternative spaces to suit their specific needs such that they may make a rational and effective decision regarding any potential relocation. These projects are divided into 4 phases:

Definition of the clients' requirements

We organise meetings to list the specific elements that will assist in the definition of the clients' precise requirements, including the ideal surface area in terms of their organisational structure, the best location, accessibility and any technical requirements, etc.

The search for alternative spaces

We consult all of the property owners, promoters, asset-managers and real estate agents that deal with the office property market. We then provide clients with a short-list of all of the properties that meet these requirements.

Analysis of the selected properties

We then carry define space requirements and organise the technical and legal surveys of the clients' selected properties.

Renegotiation of the financial terms of the leasehold

We invest the necessary time and energy in each project for negotiations to produce the best possible outcomes in terms of the tenant's interests. Our experience in transactions and detailed knowledge of the market are essential for our success in promoting the interests of our clients.