Trends for offices in 2019 - 2020: top five design components

This summer is a new opportunity to jump into the latest trends in office design. Our top five selections detailed below are not eccentric in nature, but align to the working style of offices today and into the future.

1. Relaxation

In the talent war, you get a head start by paying close attention to the well-being of your employees. And this is reflected in the appearance of the offices. Why not organize a yoga session during your employees' lunch break? Or even provide a quiet place for a nap? For employees, all of this helps improve the feeling of well-being at work.

2. Technology

"Alexa, order a coffee.” Voice-activated assistants make life more efficient. It is no wonder that more and more people are using them in their private lives. And in the office too, new technologies will prove their effectiveness. Flexible employees also need flexible technology: wireless connectivity, easy-to-use remote collaboration tools, or even just a power outlet in the right place to connect their laptops - everything to increase efficiency and make office life easier. This increases overall employee satisfaction!

3. Nature

This year again, the trend continues to give nature an important place to work. A "biophilic" conception of work is thus put in place. But what does it mean? "Biophilia" is the theory that people instinctively seek connections with other living systems. This explains why people feel less stressed when there is a plant nearby. This leads designers to think more about the role of daylight and the presence of organic features in the office, such as plants.

4. Cooperation

Offering collaboration space is not new. What is amazing is the growing trend to encourage collaboration not only within teams, but even with other companies. This approach comes from the start-up scene, where small companies often gather in the same office. An interesting cross-pollination arises from spontaneous meetings between employees.

5. Character

In 2019, an office can no longer be impersonal. It should have character and reflect the brand of your business. So, do not paint the wall in neutral beige, but opt for a bright color that matches your logo. Raw textures and handmade objects are also gaining popularity. Think about benches, rustic wood finishes on your floors or walls, or a single flowerpot as decoration. These are small details that add a lot of atmosphere to the whole space.

You know better than anyone else what your ideal office looks like. In the meantime, we follow trends closely and advise you on those that may be right for you. You just have to ask !